1 Mar 2024

Robert Phang: Don’t blindly run down the unity gov’t for foreign investors are watching us closely

THE opposition needs to heed the call by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (YDPA) Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar to focus their energy on the betterment of their constituents.

Instead of focusing on attempts to oust the unity government, they should provide meaningful debates on government policy and issues of the day, according to prominent social activist and philanthropist Tan Sri Robert Phang Miow Sin (main pic, right).

“The people are now facing hard times with the cost of living continuing to go up. As this is as much a global phenomenon, lawmakers on both sides of the divide should come up with innovative ways to help the rakyst overcome their hardship,” he told FocusM.

“Instead of channelling their efforts to orchestrate the recent Dubai Move conspiracy, for examples, key leaders of the opposition should have taken time to discuss how to help ease financial burden among B40 Malaysians.”

The founder and chairman of the Social Care Foundation was commenting on Sultan Ibrahim’s royal address on Monday (Feb 26) whereby the latter advised lawmakers to cease plans to oust the national unity government outside of elections.

This came about as the Johor ruler graced the first parliamentary meeting of the year which also happens to be his first parliamentary duty since ascending the throne as the 17th YDPA on Jan 31.

The former Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) advisory member further cautioned the opposition that they risk “scaring away foreign investors” by incessantly attacking Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the unity government.

He went on to justify that only with the help of investors will there be job creation which will enable to oil the national economy, thus ensuring long-term employment and for prosperity to be passed down to all Malaysians.

For this reason, Phang wants key leaders of the opposition to ask themselves who will benefit from scaring away investors or if their action is tantamount of leaving the country in doldrums.

The 84-year-old Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation exco member therefore urged opposition MPs to stop putting their own interest first in current times of difficulty but instead find ways to promote ideas to lift the national economy and well-being of Malaysians.

“They have to realise that it is the public who elected them as their representatives in the Parliament but that does not mean that the opposition can simply promote their own agenda at the expense of the rakyat who elected them.”

In this regard, Phang hailed Sultan Ibrahim’s call which made it very clear that the Agong would not brook any attempts to trigger a premature change of government that could de-stabilise the country.

He contended that the opposition should heed such advice by playing their role of doling out constructive criticism instead of merely dishing out irresponsible statements that could hurt the country.

Like it or not, the crime fighter who is also sits on the board of a few public listed entities wants the opposition to understand that investors pay close attention to what is happening in the country before deciding whether to invest.

He added that scaring them away at this juncture is wasteful for it is akin to shooting oneself on one’s own foot.

“Politicians have to think about the future of the nation and that that of the future generation of Malaysians first instead of their own short-term interest,” added Phang. – March 1, 2024


Source :  https://focusmalaysia.my/robert-phang-dont-blindly-run-down-the-unity-govt-for-foreign-investors-are-watching-us-closely/

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