15 Apr 2014

Improve intelligence gathering work

SECURITY BREACH: We must set up an informer network on remote islands off Sabah that harbour kidnappers

ANYONE even remotely familiar with the history of piracy in the Sulu Sea, and the geography of the north east coast of Sabah, will realise the enormity of the problems involved in securing that part of the country, and keeping out unwelcome pirates and kidnappers, the latter of more recent origin, principally from the island of Tawi Tawi as well as the complex maze of adjacent islands that make up the southern Philippine archipelago.

The sea between Mindanao and the east coast of Sabah has for more than 200 years been the undisputed centre of piracy and home to the Illanun and Balanini cut-throats who have continued to find the relatively defenceless north east of Sabah fertile ground of rich rewards for minimum effort.

The little town of Semporna has for decades got used to living in fear of constant pirate attacks: the worst incident that the older people still talk about took place in 1954, when pirates armed with Bren guns and other automatic weapons overwhelmed the police post, killing all the policemen before occupying the town, in an orgy of looting and killing at will, lasting several hours.
The recent abduction cases in islands off Sabah have cast our security intelligence in doubt despite security forces  deployed  by the Eastern Sabah Security Command.

The 1962 North Borneo Annual Report stated that "Piracy around the north east coast increased with 97 cases reported against 42 cases in 1961. There were eight killings and 45 were wounded or missing.

The police and the navy obtained convictions against four pirate crews consisting of 32 men. In all cases heavy penalties were imposed."

As we can see, piracy has been around in the Philippines for a long time.

20 Mar 2014

Obama says plane search a ‘top priority’

WASHINGTON DC, March 20 — US President Barack Obama said yesterday the search for the missing Malaysian airliner was a “top priority” for the United States and offered every possible resource — including the FBI.

In his first on camera comments on the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Obama offered thoughts and prayers to the relatives of the missing passengers.

“I want them to be assured that we consider this a top priority,” Obama told Dallas television station KDFW in an interview at the White House.

“We have put every resource that we have available at the disposal of the search process,” he said.
“There has been close cooperation with the Malaysian government.”

Obama said the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board and any agency or official that deals with aviation was at the disposal of the investigation.

Source : AFP

13 Mar 2014

Officials making M’sia a laughing stock

The series of press conferences with the local and foreign media on the possible fate of MH370 by the different heads of government authorities is shocking to say the least.

There are lots discrepancies in their statements and it has drawn criticisms on Malaysia’s capability in handling serious issues. These officials are making Malaysia a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

To the Chief Secretary to the Government, Ali Hamsa, can you please make an effort to organise and ensure important engagements with the press are done orderly and professionally.

I suggest that a proper and accurate consolidation of facts from the various heads of authorities before reports are given to the press. IGP Khalid Abu Bakar was the only person who acquitted himself well.

He patiently assured local and foreign media that Malaysia and in particular PDRM are exploring all possible leads to the extent of looking into the psychological factors that may have impacted the crew.

This has again affirmed that the PDRM is taking no chances but to probe all possible avenues. Khalid has demonstrated his organising capabilities and his skill in communicating with the media.

He engaged the journalists professionally during the Q&A session. Transparency has been well established by his example. I hope the various heads of departments can emulate his leadership.

The Chief Secretary to the Government must step in immediately. Do not let the whole world belittle Malaysia.

This is a very sad and depressing situation and officials should refrain from making jokes or unnecessary remarks such as saying the stolen passports holders looking like Balotelli.
The writer is a Justice of Peace

Source :  http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/opinion/2014/03/13/officials-making-msia-a-laughing-stock/