18 Apr 2014

“ LEAVING A LEGACY ” No permanent friend , No permanent enemies . Always maintain “PERMANENT PRINCIPLES “ – by The Late YB Karpal Singh

One of Malaysia’s most famous sons, will be forever remembered as a humble person, but fearless politician. Above all a true gentlemen and a great “STATESMAN”.

He was a formidable opponent but an implacable leader” as rightly & aptly said by our Prime Minister YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

There is an old saying in China “When a Tiger died the tiger will leave a valuable Skin” but “The Tiger Of Jelutong” – Late YB Karpal Singh passed away – He eventually left behind not only his good name but all his precious deeds.

His famous quotes :-

No permanent friend , No permanent enemies, but we must always have “PERMANENT PRINCIPLES “.

Malaysia has lost a true “STATESMENT”.

Let us pray for his soul to R.I.P. –

We pray for all his immediate family to be strong and united.

Justice of The Peace
Chairman – Social Care Foundation

15 Apr 2014

Improve intelligence gathering work

SECURITY BREACH: We must set up an informer network on remote islands off Sabah that harbour kidnappers

ANYONE even remotely familiar with the history of piracy in the Sulu Sea, and the geography of the north east coast of Sabah, will realise the enormity of the problems involved in securing that part of the country, and keeping out unwelcome pirates and kidnappers, the latter of more recent origin, principally from the island of Tawi Tawi as well as the complex maze of adjacent islands that make up the southern Philippine archipelago.

The sea between Mindanao and the east coast of Sabah has for more than 200 years been the undisputed centre of piracy and home to the Illanun and Balanini cut-throats who have continued to find the relatively defenceless north east of Sabah fertile ground of rich rewards for minimum effort.

The little town of Semporna has for decades got used to living in fear of constant pirate attacks: the worst incident that the older people still talk about took place in 1954, when pirates armed with Bren guns and other automatic weapons overwhelmed the police post, killing all the policemen before occupying the town, in an orgy of looting and killing at will, lasting several hours.
The recent abduction cases in islands off Sabah have cast our security intelligence in doubt despite security forces  deployed  by the Eastern Sabah Security Command.

The 1962 North Borneo Annual Report stated that "Piracy around the north east coast increased with 97 cases reported against 42 cases in 1961. There were eight killings and 45 were wounded or missing.

The police and the navy obtained convictions against four pirate crews consisting of 32 men. In all cases heavy penalties were imposed."

As we can see, piracy has been around in the Philippines for a long time.