21 May 2010

Statement by Tan Sri Robert Phang (18 May 2010)

The DAP‘s sensational win in Sibu is shocking to many, especially to the die-hard Barisan Nasional (BN) supporters. More damning, it comes on the heels of the BN victory in Hulu Selangor.
If at all, it shows the tremendous dissatisfaction of the Chinese and Christian voters towards the BN Government, more so to the Sarawak state leadership.And, worse, when the 'Allah' issue is still pending and has yet to be resolved.In the Sibu by-election, the Chinese and Christian voters undoubtedly threw their overwhelming support to the DAP candidate.It shows the BN, especially Umno , will continue to struggle for electoral wins if they refuse to face reality .The BN must come to terms that , for it to be politically strong like in the 80s and 90s, it must command the overwhelming confidence of all Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion.

2 May 2010

An important point to note

Statement by Tan Sri Robert Phang

The action by Wee Ka Siong against me has not gone to full trial. Wee Ka Siong is now attempting to restrain me from publishing certain matters pending the full trial of the action. This is done by way of an application for an interim injunction. Pre-trial applications such as this injunction application are decided on affidavit evidence and not oral evidence. If oral evidence wants to be referred to, permission of the court has to be sought. I wish to clarify the withdrawal of my application for leave to cross-examine Wee Ka Siong. This application was to obtain the permission of the court to cross-examine Wee Ka Siong.