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Donation To Media Prima Tabung Wira Lahad Datu - RM 160,000.00

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Thank you letter from Dato Sri Hj Alli Kawi

6th IAACA Annual Conference

16 Mar 2013

IRRESPONSIBLE: Stop all bickering and support our forces

THE 1Malaysia Foundation strongly deplores those who have belittled the efforts of our security forces involved in Ops Daulat by posting insensitive and insulting messages against those who are risking their lives to make our country safe and secure.
The actions of those involved in casting aspersions on members of our security forces through social networking sites are totally irresponsible and uncalled for.
This is not the time to bicker over security matters to gain political mileage. Even if there are divergent views on the issue, this should be done through appropriate channels and to the relevant authorities.
Making negative public statements about our security forces and belittling them is the unkindest cut of all.
As patriotic Malaysians, we should pray for the safety of our men so that they can complete their valiant task under Ops Daulat and help ensure the safety and security of Sabah.
Granted that there were weaknesses and shortcomings in the past in terms of maintaining our security, but it is reassuring to note that a special security area has been established to beef up the security of the state, especially along the east coast of Sabah.
The prime minister has stated that the intrusion by Sulu terrorists in Lahad Datu is a wake-up call for the government and all Malaysians that we must never take our safety for granted.
We must condemn the killing of our 10 heroes by the Sulu terrorists whose conduct must be censured and they be brought to justice. We should do our bit to contribute to the welfare of the families and children of the fallen heroes. Their sacrifices have not been in vain.
It is not only Sabah but our entire nation is under threat and this is the moment when all Malaysians must stand united to take all measures to protect our sovereignty and the safety of all the people in Sabah.

By :Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, Trustee, 1Malaysia Foundation

Source : http://www.nst.com.my/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/irresponsible-stop-all-bickering-and-support-our-forces-1.235657?cache=03%2F7.198169%2F7.209950%2F7.290223%2F7.290223

13 Mar 2013

Ex-general blames military intel failure for prolonged Sulu crisis

PETALING JAYA, March 13 ― The “complete failure” by Malaysia’s military intelligence to pre-empt a Sulu group’s armed incursion into Sabah was to blame for the drawn out conflict in the east Malaysian state, former deputy army chief Lt-Gen (R) Datuk Abd Ghafir Abd Hamid said today.

Abd Ghafir, who is now a PKR member, blamed this on “political interference” in military intelligence operations.

He alleged that in the past decade, the Defence Staff Intelligence Division (BSPP) has been more focused on local politics than on gathering information on external threats.

“I stress here, there was a total and complete failure of intelligence. Our intelligence unit has not been functioning until now... our capability in terms of external foreign intelligence, our strength and assets have instead been used for political operations since 2000.

“When intelligence fails, we have a breach of our waters,” he told a press conference at PKR’s headquarters here.

“I stress here, there was a total and complete failure of intelligence. Meaning, our intelligence unit was not functioning so when the intruders arrived, we did not even know.

Musa Hitam: A Pakatan gov't will not bankrupt the nation

Former deputy prime minister Musa Hitam says it is not fair to assume that the country will go bankrupt if Pakatan Rakyat takes the federal government in the 13th general election.

Instead, the opposition would do its best to drive the national economy forward as it would want to be elected again in the following general election, he explained.

musa hitam wief launch 191006 doorstop"That (bankrupt allegation) is a political statement. In my opinion, no. In fact, I have been openly commenting on this issue, including to banks and foreigners.
"This is my personal opinion and stance," Musa (right) told a press conference yesterday after attending a forum organised by Malay daily Sinar Harian.

The Malay daily quoted him as saying that Pakatan would not chase away foreign investors, nor bankrupt the nation if it came to power because Pakatan would want a fresh mandate in the next general election.

"That is their hope, that is why they contest (in) elections. They will say they are the best (party) to serve the people.

"If you accept the concept of democracy, you would not say that other parties will bankrupt the nation," he added.

'Bankrupt politicians use racial issues' 

Musa, who was the deputy to former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad from 1981 to 1986, commented that politicians who still used racial issues as campaign material during elections were “bankrupt politicians”.

“In my opinion, those who use race as (their) political issue during a general election are politicians who are bankrupt.”

In the past, he said, political parties could use racial issues in areas dominated by single race but this was no longer applicable in the current situation.

“Now you cannot because there are all sort of achievements by the government. The government should not be shy.
“The government should be proud of its achievements. Certainly there are criticism and objections, which are normal in politics.”

Musa also urged politicians to engage in debates to prove their capabilities with evidence.

Source : http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/223719

6 Mar 2013

Fund set up for victims’ families

PETALING JAYA: A special fund has been set up by the police for the families of policemen who were killed or injured in the attack by armed Sulu militants.

In an announcement made in the Malaysian police Facebook page, it said many people had sent enquiries on how to send donations to the victims' families.

Thanking Malaysians for their kindness, the police said donations could be sent to Tabung Kebajikan PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police Welfare Fund) through its Maybank account number 5641 0000 4646.

The banking slips can be posted to its welfare officer at 26, Menara 2, 50560 Kuala Lumpur. It can also be faxed to 03-2691 2501 or e-mailed to kebajikan_ba@rmp.gov.my. Those who want to send cheques can mail them to the above address as well. For more information, call 03-2266 8036/8038. The police Facebook received 1,473 likes and 525 shares by surfers by 6.30pm yesterday.

Meanwhile, Social Care Foundation chairman Tan Sri Robert Phang called on the people and political parties to stop politicising the incidents in Sabah.

He said any move to make irresponsible comments and spread rumours about the incidents would only create confusion among the people.

“I appeal to all Malaysians to set aside their differences and stand united as one as we face this challenging time,” he told a press conference during the tribute to the fallen heroes of Lahad Datu organised by the foundation here yesterday.

Phang later handed over RM160,000 in donations to the families of the eight police officers who were slain during the conflict to the Media Prima Lahad Datu Warriors Fund.

Source :  http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2013/3/6/nation/12797807&sec=nation

RM250,000 in donations for heroes

KUALA LUMPUR: Thanks to the generosity of Malaysians, the Tabung Wira Lahad Datu by Media Prime now stands at RM250,000. Among the latest donors were Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur which donated RM10,000 to the fund at a cheque presentation ceremony at Media Prima headquarters here yesterday.

The cheque was presented by the hotel's vice-president/general manager  Lothar Nessmann to Media Prima Berhad chief operating officer of group shared services, Datuk Kamal Khalid. Nessmann said he hoped their contribution would inspire others to lend a helping hand to the injured security personnel and the families of the deceased Malaysian security forces.

"Our thoughts go to the family of those involved in the Sabah east coast incident and we hope it will end soon."

Present was Shangri-la Hotel Kuala Lumpur's area director of communication Datuk Rosemarie Wee. Meanwhile, the Social Care Foundation contributed RM160,000 to the fund yesterday.

Its founder and chairman Tan Sri Robert Phang Miow Sin handed over the cheque to NSTP Corporate Communications head Wan Abdillah Wan Nawi in a simple ceremony at the Maya Hotel. Phang said each family of the slain security personnel would receive RM20,000 from the donation.

Phang said the tragedy marked a sad occurrence in the country's history and that all Malaysians should unite and pay tribute to the servicemen defending the country's sovereignty. He also called on Malaysians to donate to the fund.

Meanwhile, the Fire and Rescue Department is ready to assist the country's security forces in dealing with the terrorists in Sabah.

Its director-general Datuk Wan Mohd Nor Ibrahim said stations in Lahad Datu, Semporna, Kunak and Tawau were on standby for any eventuality.

The Tabung Wira Lahad Datu was established on Saturday and was officially launched yesterday by Media Prima executive director (news and editorial operations) Datuk Ahmad A. Talib.

Ahmad said they decided to activate the fund in response to the sacrifices of the security personnel injured or killed while protecting the nation's sovereignty in Sabah.

"We hope the contributions channelled through this fund will alleviate their burden and we welcome support and contributions, regardless of the amount contributed."

Donors can channel their contributions to Sistem Televisyen Malaysia Bhd's Maybank account at 514271339000.

Chairman of Social Care Foundation Tan Sri Robert Phang Miow Sin (second from right) presenting the mock cheque to NSTP’s head of corporate communication department Wan Abdillah Wan Nawi. With them are former deputy minister of women, family and community development Datuk Heng Seai Kie and foundation trustee Datuk Wei Chuan Beng. Pic by Chan Wai Yew

Source : http://www.nst.com.my/nation/general/rm250-000-in-donations-for-heroes-1.229553

5 Mar 2013

‘Be transparent over Sabah intrusion’

KUALA LUMPUR: Authorities must be transparent in providing information on the armed intrusion in Sabah, Robert Phang, chairman of non-governmental organisation Social Care Foundation, said today.

The former Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) advisory panellist said this was necessary to avoid rumours spreading regarding the Sulu sultanate army’s attacks on Malaysia’s security forces.

“The absolute and only way to stop rumour-mongering is for the authorities, when reporting of the situation, [to report] with transparency,” Phang said at a press conference here.

“This certainly will dispel uncertainty and restore the confidence of the rakyat.”

Unverified reports of police officers beheaded, stabbed and gutted, as well as four Malaysian “officials” captured have been making their rounds on social media, news portals as well as newspapers.

Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar has claimed that the armed intruders were spreading the rumours to lower the morale of Malaysia’s security force.

But instead of helping to disseminate the truth, police have reportedly curbed journalists’ attempts to capture the situation in Sabah.

Yesterday, theSun reported that army personnel demanded the local English language daily’s photographer, Norman Hiu, to delete the pictures he took of the Lahad Datu clash on Sunday.

Norman said he had been standing around the army “camp” 15km away from Kampung Tanduo at about 4pm when he was warned to stay away.

Foundation donates RM160,000 to families of dead policemen

KUALA LUMPUR, March 5 — Relief organisation Social Care Foundation today donated RM160,000 to the families of the eight policemen killed in clashes with Sulu militants in Sabah.

Foundation chairman Tan Sri Robert Phang presented a cheque for the amount to the Media Prima Tabung Wira Lahad Datu at a press conference here.

“I call upon all Malaysians to come forth and open your hearts in giving selflessly to the families of our fallen comrades in their times of grief and sufferings. Losing one’s life for the nation is the greatest of human sacrifices and it cannot go unnoticed,” Phang said.

Several companies and associations have also contributed monetary aid to the families of the dead policemen, the New Straits Times reported today.

The armed Sulu intruders, who had been in Sabah for over three weeks to stake their Sultan of Sulu’s claim on Sabah, suffered a total defeat in an attack by the army early this morning, according to the Star Online today.

There were no Malaysian casualties, but it is not clear how many Filipino militants have died.
As of yesterday, eight Malaysian policemen and 20 militants were reported to have been killed in skirmishes in three districts in the eastern coast of Sabah.

The Sulu intruders had insisted repeatedly that they would not surrender and were ready to die in Sabah, despite entreaties from Philippine President Benigno Aquino III for them to leave peacefully.

Source :  http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/foundation-donates-rm160000-to-families-of-dead-policemen/


Justice of Peace.
Chairman – Social Care Foundation

05th March 2013

Today marks a very sad day in our country's history. Malaysians, irrespective of race, religion, political divide and culture affiliations must unite, salute and pay tribute to our boys in blue who spilled their blood and gave their lives to defend the sovereignty of our beloved country so that we Malaysians can live in peace and safety. 

Malaysia was amongst the safest countries to live after the effective end of the Communist insurgency in circa 1990. Since then we have not lost any of our brave sons in our security forces in combat in defending our beloved country. But last week, to our horror the hiatus was broken. Life will never be the same for our boys and girls in the security forces and as such I call upon all Malaysians to come forth and open your hearts in giving selflessly to the families of our fallen comrades in their times of grief and sufferings.  Losing one’s life for the nation is the greatest of human sacrifices and it cannot go unnoticed. We must be eternally grateful to our fallen brothers.

The absolute and only way to stop rumor mongering is for the authorities, when reporting of the situation, with TRANSPARENCY. This certainly will dispel uncertainty and to restore the confidence of the Rakyat.  On the other hand, it is absolute necessary for us to remain cool, level headed and not to panic. We must strongly continue to support the authorities in the current crisis situation. We believe the Government will take the necessary and appropriate action to safe guard the dignity and sovereignty of the nation as demanded by the Rakyat.

I also implore all Malaysians to say a prayer in your own way for our departed brave heroes and their families. We extend our deepest condolence to the bereaved families.

In line of the above, Social Care Foundation will donate RM160,000.00 to the families of the fallen heroes through the Media Prima Tabung Wira Lahad Datu.


4 Mar 2013



5th March 2013 (Tuesday)

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