26 Sep 2012

Cheras MP not allowed to query AG's 'misconduct'

24 Sep 2012

Invitation to non-Malays

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Armed Forces Ex-Servicemen's Association has called on more non-Malays to join the armed forces.

Its president, Datuk Muhammad Abdul Ghani, said the country should have more non-Malays in the armed forces, which was 90 per cent filled by Malays over the years.

He said a minimum quota of 30 per cent for non-Malays should be enforced to gain a balance. "The percentage is not impossible to achieve if all quarters take the effort to promote uniformed civil services to the younger generation."

He said parents and community leaders played a role in encouraging the younger generation to join.

"Instil the patriotic spirit in the younger generation and make them realise how important it is to serve the country. Don't just look at the financial aspect, but consider the speciality, image and identity which come with the job," he said.

Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation executive council member Tan Sri Robert Phang said the government should work towards changing the mindset and perception of non-Malays serving in uniformed agencies, especially the Chinese.

"The image of armed forces' jobs, mainly in terms of operations and promotions, has been badly sensationalised over the years. Now, the government is in the process of gaining the reputation back."

Referring to the recent turnout at the Territorial Army selection in Ipoh, he said: "Now that the non-Malay numbers are looking better, I think the government and Home Ministry must put their participation to good use."

An ex-policeman, M. Saravanan, 59, from Seremban, said the armed forces should improve the benefits they provided to attract more non-Malays. "Both the financial and service terms must be improved at all levels, including for the rank and file.

 Easy loan approvals and public sector services alone are not good enough to attract today's younger generation. "They look for stability and sustainability when choosing a field for their career."

 A former soldier, Mohd Salleh, 49 said the lack of non-Malay personnel in the armed forces was mainly because of the negative impression given to the public in the past.

 "Though everything is systematic and organised now, most people still have doubts about the so-called 'double standards' that are rumoured to be rife in those departments," he said.

Source : http://www.nst.com.my/nation/general/invitation-to-non-malays-1.147169#

13 Sep 2012

MoU to give chosen heart patients free medical service

PUTRAJAYA (Sept 13, 2012): Social Care Foundation Malaysia (SC Foundation) and Taipei Medical University (TMU) Hospital today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to provide free medical services for qualified cardiology patients from Malaysia with acute heart diseases.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said under the MoU, TMU Hospital agreed to provide 10 free medical services for qualified heart patients from Malaysia yearly, for a three year period (30 patients for three years).

"This was excellent services from TMU Hospital to provide free of charge services (operation, treatment, meal and accommodation for patients and their accompanying relatives).

"We also appreciate SC Foundation to take care of the transport fees that will reduce the cost of Malaysians going overseas for operation.

"Not only we reduce congestion in the country but we can strengthen our working relationship with the hospital," he told reporters after the MoU signing ceremony here today.

Liow and SC Foundation Chairman Tan Sri Robert Phang witnessed the MoU signing ceremony.
Liow said in the past Malaysia had been sending about 100 heart patients to Narayana, India per year to reduce congestion and waiting time in the country.

"However, we are actually reducing the number as we have increased the facilities in the country. We have 10 heart centres in the country, four cardio thoracic centres and six cardiology centres.

"We are planning to expand the National Heart Institute's pediatrics’ heart centre as well as another unit of pediatric heart centre in the Serdang Hospital," he added.

Meanwhile, Robert Phang said SC Foundation patients with chronic hearts diseases can apply to the foundation with referral from their attending doctors and submit their application together with their medical history and report.

SC Foundation will pay for the return airfare to Taipei and meal expenses for two accompanying immediate family members of each heart patient receiving treatment in Taipei, he added.

Source : http://www.thesundaily.my/news/488911