30 Jul 2014


" I have instructed my lawyers, S.N.Nair & Partners to issue and serve a letter of demand (LOD) on Chan Tse Yuen in respect of a defamatory article against me which was published by him in his blog (Blog of Chan Tse Yuen) on 25.6.2014. S.N.Nair has confirmed that the LOD has been served. "

25 Jul 2014

Reference is made to my Open Letter to our Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak (21st July 2014).

On the 21st of July 2014, I have written an Open Letter to our Prime Minister YAB Dato’
Seri Najib Tun Razak concerning the MH370 and MH17 tragedies.

At that same time, I also highlighted to YAB to kindly take into consideration the feelings
of the bereaved families of those who have lost their loved ones in the recent tragedies. I have boldly suggested that the Government tone down the festive celebration for Hari Raya Aidil Fitri in time to come.

Although Hari Raya Aidil Fitri is a great celebration for all Muslims, at the same time, the
feelings of the affected families must be considered. We must be very sympathetic and understanding towards these families who are still mourning the lost of their loved ones.

YAB Dato’ Seri Najib, you are truly a very understanding, considerate, loving and a warm leader who always touches base with the feelings of the citizens.  Great of YAB as the Prime Minister, YAB have on 25th July 2014 announced cancellation of the Putrajaya Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Open House which was to be held on the first day of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri – A very timely and appreciated decision.

Salutions to YAB, Our Great Prime Minister.

We will definitely continue to pray for the bereaved families,YAB and YAB’s family good
health and well-being. May Almighty God bless our nation.

Tan Sri Datuk Robert Phang Miow Sin.
Justice of the Peace.
Chairman – Social Care Foundation.

24 Jul 2014


SEMPORNA, (24 Julai) — Malaysia dibawah pimpinan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berusaha bersungguh-sungguh untuk menjaga kedaulatan negara daripada dicerobohi penjenayah rentas sempadan, kata Pengerusi Yayasan Kebajikan Sosial Tan Sri Robert Phang.

Oleh itu, katanya rakyat negara ini seharusnya menghargai usaha dan menyokong pelbagai langkah yang dilakukan kerajaan bagi memperkukuhkan lagi keselamatan khususnya di Zon Selamat Timur Sabah (ESSZOne).

“Kerajaan telah melakukan tindakan bijak dengan menstruktur ESSCom (Kawasan Keselamatan Khas Pantai Timur Sabah) dengan melantik pegawai berkebolehan dan berpengalaman luas untuk menjaga keselamatan perairan negeri ini daripada dicerobohi.

“Kita rakyat mesti menyokong usaha ini dengan memberikan maklumat bagi membantu kerajaan mengekang jenayah penculikan (untuk wang tebusan),” katanya selepas menyampaikan sumbangan sebanyak RM20,000 kepada balu anggota polis Marin Koperal Ab Rajah Jamuan, Salamah Ahmad pada majlis berbuka puasa anjuran yayasan itu dan ESSCom, di sini, malam tadi.

Pada 12 Julai lepas, Ab Rajah, 32, mati ditembak kumpulan lelaki yang berpakaian hitam, seluar celoreng dan bersenjata berat ketika mangsa sedang meronda di sebuah Resort, Pulau Mabul bersama rakan setugas Konstabel Zakiah Aleip, 26, yang kemudian diculik ke perairan negara jiran.

Dalam hal ini, Robert menyeru syarikat korporat supaya tampil membantu
keluarga yang memerlukan bantuan bagi meringankan beban dan penderitaan mereka.

Beliau turut menyatakan kebimbangannya terhadap penglibatan “orang dalam”
yang mempermudahkan penjenayah melakukan jenayah termasuk penculikan dengan
memberikan maklumat pergerakan pasukan keselamatan.

Turut hadir, Pengarah Bahagian Perisikan Keselamatan ESSCom DCP Datuk Ahmad
Nadzer, Pegawai Daerah Semporna Dr Chaco Bullah dan Komander Pasukan Gerakan
Marin ESSCom SAC Abdul Manaf Othman.

Source — BERNAMA

Widow of slain cop in Mabul gets RM20,000

Salamah Ahmad, the widow of marine police Corporal Abdul Rajah Jamuan who was killed at the recent Mabul island ambush, received RM20,000 aid from the Social Care Foundation.

Social Care Foundation chairperson Robert Phang handed the contribution to Salamah at a break-fast function organised jointly by the foundation and the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (Esszone) last night.

On July 12, Abd Rajah, 32, was killed in an exchange of fire with eight gunmen, believed to be from Southern Philippines, at the Mabul Water Bungalows Resort on Pulau Mabul, off Semporna while his colleague, Zakiah Aleip, 26, was kidnapped.

Robert Phang also urged other corporate bodies to come forward and assist families that need assistance.

He also expressed concern with the presence of 'insiders' or informers who provide information of the security forces to the intruders.

"The government is working hard to ensure the safety of the country, so we as the people of the country must also play a role in assisting the government's efforts.

"We also welcome Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's initiative to restructure the Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom)."

Source - Bernama

21 Jul 2014


Hail, YAB Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak, you are a great Malaysian Prime Minister and Statesman.

Following the missing MH370 plus the recent MH17 tragedy, the whole world has witnessed that YAB is very rational, strong and decisive in what subsequent action to be taken.

It is now an open fact, that even our PAKATAN, the opposition party, has strongly expressed the support solidly behind YAB’s leadership and commitment. Undoubtedly, Malaysians overall have been convinced that YAB is truly a great leader of all Malaysians. Very voluntarily all Malaysians will come forward to establish the only absolute solidarity and support needed in this hour of crisis.

In view of these painful tragedies, I boldly suggest that we should down play whatever celebration for this coming Hari Raya Aidil Fitri in time to come. Although this is a great celebration for all Muslims, at the same time, the feelings of the bereaved families of those who have lost their loved ones in the MH370 plus MH17 tragedies must be taken into consideration. We have to be very sympathetic and understanding towards their feelings.

YAB is truly the great leader of Malaysia. Let us all, unite solidly to establish our support to YAB and your Government. God Bless YAB and Malaysia.

Tan Sri Datuk Robert Phang Miow Sin.
Justice of the Peace.
Chairman – Social Care Foundation

17 Jul 2014


17TH July 2014.

I received a sms from Sabah which says, “TIKUS MATI DISEBERANG LAUT MEREKA NAMPAK, TAPI GAJAH DIDEPAN MATA TAK NAMPAK” and “ ANAK KERA DIHUTAN DISUSUKAN TAPI ANAK DIRUMAH DIBIARKAN” in short, highlights the plight and concern of Sabahans. Brothers/Sisters, do not worry. All of us will act and support during this hour of uncertainty.

Ever since MH370 mystery, Malaysia has been under a series of bad spells. The Government of Malaysia not only has pledged but assured the Rakyat of continuous efforts to solve this mystery.

The repeated series of kidnappings cases in Sabah since the intrusion of Lahad Datu resulted in the deaths of nine (9), including the recent case and two (2) army personals. I have on the 19th of June 2014, issued a press statement highlight the kidnapping cases in Sabah – the situation is very serious and alarming.

As a result of it, the Government took immediate action to revamp and restructure ESSCOM strength and machinery. In view of the repeated intrusions into our territory, it is now clear this is a series of deliberate act of challenging our sovereignty plus our capabilities of addressing them and the protection or our citizens in the affected territory/our country.

This is the time that all Malaysians must do away with all differences in political belief, political struggle and also individual practices. We must pull and unite ourselves together in becoming a solidarity force not only to face the intruders but to engage head on with them. This can only be made possible with absolute united support from Malaysians.

Today the guerilla warfare attacks on Sabah, is just the tip of the iceberg. Moving forward and immediately, all Malaysian must be vigilante and more so our brothers and sisters who reside on the East Coast of Sabah. It is of paramount importance for us to interact with our neighbourhoods within Malaysia and also our neighbouring countries. Interact with them seriously and try to gain intelligence is a must, in order to gain an upper hand on the intruders.

Remember Sir, information is power. We must throw in our utmost support to YAB PM, YB Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid - Ministry of Home Affairs, PDRM as well as the Armed Forces at all cost. We must wake up and make no more mistakes otherwise our country will face a serious threat within and beyond. I call upon all our fellow Malaysians – corporate sectors to show their solidarity support towards the Government in all their efforts and determination in combating the common enemy and protecting us.

To all our Sabah brothers and sisters, do not be afraid or down hearted, the sentiments of our fellow Malaysia, we are always with you.


Tan Sri Datuk Robert Phang
Justice of Peace

14 Jul 2014


2010年的馬華的特大,我以实际行动,登全版的报纸,星洲, 中国报,南洋,呼吁所有的中央代表投他一票,我还以“好苹果,坏苹果”来比喻他和当时的蔡细历。