20 Mar 2014

Obama says plane search a ‘top priority’

WASHINGTON DC, March 20 — US President Barack Obama said yesterday the search for the missing Malaysian airliner was a “top priority” for the United States and offered every possible resource — including the FBI.

In his first on camera comments on the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Obama offered thoughts and prayers to the relatives of the missing passengers.

“I want them to be assured that we consider this a top priority,” Obama told Dallas television station KDFW in an interview at the White House.

“We have put every resource that we have available at the disposal of the search process,” he said.
“There has been close cooperation with the Malaysian government.”

Obama said the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board and any agency or official that deals with aviation was at the disposal of the investigation.

Source : AFP

13 Mar 2014

Officials making M’sia a laughing stock

The series of press conferences with the local and foreign media on the possible fate of MH370 by the different heads of government authorities is shocking to say the least.

There are lots discrepancies in their statements and it has drawn criticisms on Malaysia’s capability in handling serious issues. These officials are making Malaysia a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

To the Chief Secretary to the Government, Ali Hamsa, can you please make an effort to organise and ensure important engagements with the press are done orderly and professionally.

I suggest that a proper and accurate consolidation of facts from the various heads of authorities before reports are given to the press. IGP Khalid Abu Bakar was the only person who acquitted himself well.

He patiently assured local and foreign media that Malaysia and in particular PDRM are exploring all possible leads to the extent of looking into the psychological factors that may have impacted the crew.

This has again affirmed that the PDRM is taking no chances but to probe all possible avenues. Khalid has demonstrated his organising capabilities and his skill in communicating with the media.

He engaged the journalists professionally during the Q&A session. Transparency has been well established by his example. I hope the various heads of departments can emulate his leadership.

The Chief Secretary to the Government must step in immediately. Do not let the whole world belittle Malaysia.

This is a very sad and depressing situation and officials should refrain from making jokes or unnecessary remarks such as saying the stolen passports holders looking like Balotelli.
The writer is a Justice of Peace

Source :  http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/opinion/2014/03/13/officials-making-msia-a-laughing-stock/

10 Mar 2014

It's criminal how apathetic we are

Good Article. Reproduce for your information. 

ON Feb 25,  two half-brothers had their throats slit, allegedly by their maid who later killed herself in Sungai Buloh.

On Jan 30, a 44-year-old father allegedly slashed his daughter to death, and injured two others, in Bandar Baru Bangi.

On Jan 21, a single mother was set ablaze by her ex-boyfriend in Sri Rampai, Kuala Lumpur.

Besides other murders, gangland executions, kidnaps, assaults, robberies and snatch thefts, these were among the cases that I've covered since joining the New Straits Times four years ago.

While helping a senior colleague file the story on the double murder-cum-suicide case, I could not help but think, what has become of society?

What has gone wrong? Who should be blamed? Should we blame the government, law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, education system, or even the economy?

It is easy to play the blame game. Many people love to channel their frustration by pointing fingers at others.

You can find evidence of this on the Internet. Social media networks are the best place to see how prevalent this blaming culture is.

Many do not follow the age-old advice that they ought to look at themselves first before pointing fingers at others.

One example that best illustrates this point can be gleaned from the Spiderman movie released in 2002.

At the beginning of the film, the protagonist Peter Parker (played by Tobey Maquire), who had just acquired his special ability and strength, entered a wrestling match and won.

However, when he was denied adequate payment, he allowed a robber to take off with the event organiser's cash even though he could have easily taken down the bad guy.

At the end of the scene, Peter's uncle was killed by the fleeing robber. Peter Parker's inaction had an instantaneous, unfortunate outcome.

Our problems today are the result of a similar attitude among society -- inaction and selfishness. We adopt a wait and see attitude, let others act while we do nothing.

7 Mar 2014

Top lawyer under probe for statutory declaration on Altantuya’s murder

Senior corporate lawyer Tan Sri Cecil Abraham is being investigated by a three-man Advocates and Solicitors Disciplinary Board (ASDB) committee for professional misconduct for allegedly preparing a statutory declaration (SD) for the late private investigator P. Balasubramaniam (pic), who was not his client.

The contentious SD was to counter Bala's first sworn statement which had incriminated Datuk Seri Najib Razak and several other personalities in relation to the 2006 murder of Mongolian interpreter Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Sources told The Malaysian Insider the ASDB decided to hold the proceedings after finding there was a sufficient prima facie case against the lawyer for professional misconduct.

The committee, comprising two lawyers and a layman, is looking into alleged misconduct under Section 94 of the Legal Profession Act (LPA) 1976 for "conduct or omission to act by a lawyer in a professional capacity which amounts to grave impropriety".

"This misconduct is in relation to Cecil, who is alleged to have drafted the SD for Balasubramaniam, when the late private investigator was not his client.

"At all material times, Americk Singh Sidhu was on record as the counsel for Balasubramaniam," a source said.

The Bar Council lodged a complaint against Cecil to the ASDB last year and last week, council chairman Christopher Leong appeared before the committee to give evidence in a closed-door session.

The Malaysian Insider understands that Americk would be the next witness to appear before the committee while carpet dealer Deepak Jaikishan is also slated to testify.

The ASDB, which is a body independent of the Bar Council, is statutorily tasked to investigate professional misconduct.

Deepak had earlier admitted that he helped to get Balasubramaniam repudiate his first SD by finding two lawyers to draft the new statement.

Americk had thrown light on the contentious SD when he read out a prepared statement at the Malaysian Bar's 67th annual general meeting (AGM) last year where he had said: "Tan Sri Cecil Abraham admitted to me that he was the one who drafted the second statutory declaration".

Americk later told reporters at the sidelines of the AGM that the directive to Cecil came from Najib, who was then the deputy prime minister.

"I'm not interested in lodging a complaint with the board. That is not my agenda. My agenda is just to find out who instructed him to do it," Americk had said.

Leong, had also on the sidelines of the AGM, had suggested that the Attorney General’s Chambers could relook Altantuya’s case based on evidence from Americk’s revelation, as well as Deepak’s admittance of involvement in the case.

“Much has been said about the obvious lack of motive for the two police officers to commit the crime. That remains the unanswered question,” Leong had said.

Two former police commandos, Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar and Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, who were charged with Altantuya's murder, were found guilty and sentenced to death by the Shah Alam High Court.

Their convictions, however, were overturned by the Court of Appeal last year.

Putrajaya is appealing the decision by the Court of Appeal. Former political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda, who was charged with abetting them, was also acquitted in 2008.

Balasubramaniam or "PI Bala" accused several top federal government personalities of being involved in Altantuya's murder in his first SD in 2008, two years after the woman's murder.

But he retracted the SD the following day and signed a new one, where the names of the personalities, including Najib, were omitted.

Bala died of a heart attack on March 15 last year, weeks after returning home from self-exile.

Lawyers familiar with disciplinary proceedings said the committee would make its findings and recommendation to the board, including the punishment to be meted out for misconduct.

"The board will deliberate on the committee's report and can decided to accept or reject it," law lecturer Surdev Singh said.

Under the LPA, a lawyer found guilty of misconduct could be reprimanded, fined, suspended from practice for up to five years, or struck off the roll. – March 7, 2014.


Malay Mail 7th March 2014


The 8th of March is the third anniversary of DurianFM, on this special day we launch DurianASEAN the sister radio. It is broadcast in English focusing on the happenings in ASEAN countries especially the news and current issues of politics and socio-economy. Besides reporting we will also analyze the influence and impact of such issues upon the daily lives of the entire ASEAN.
No doubt there are already worldwide news coverage on ASEAN by many countries, however the coverage are mostly on ASEAN summit orannual general meeting, including some high profile regional commercial events. The people in ASEAN countries can hardly relate themselves with the integration of ASEAN countries and ASEAN community 2015 does not make any sense to them. They seldom hear or care about the happenings in their neighbour countries.
DurianASEAN will take the initiative to follow not only the latest but also the most influential news in ASEAN countries. We will create more dimension for the news broadcast of ASEAN countries, with sound comment and analysis of the news background and subsequent development.
The deeper understanding of the happenings in the region will stimulate the sense of belonging among the people of ASEAN. The broadcast of DurianASEAN will be the direct link between the people and the issues surrounding their daily lives. With better information and clearer understanding, the people in ASEAN will be able to know their stand in the big picture of ASEAN community. Hence they will be more effective in promoting the commercial collaboration among member countries.
Besides, DurianASEAN will also play the role as the news centre for ASEAN countries. Not only it is the window of ASEAN countries to the listeners,it is also the medium and bridge of commercial activity between ASEAN countries and other countries. The broadcast of DurianASEAN will keep investors and business partners from Far East Asian, Middle East, Europe, North America and Latin America well informed and understood about the political and socio-economy situation in ASEAN. Hence there will be cultural and educational exchange and interaction between ASEAN and the countries in other part of the world. Furthermore it will enhance tourism industry within ASEAN as well as attracting more non ASEAN tourist to the region.
DurianASEAN will officially broadcast on Saturday 8thof March 2014, on Monday 10th of March our first core program ABC (ASEAN Breakfast Call) will be on air via internet. ABC will be on air 8.00am to 10am, Monday to Friday. It is a co-production with our 5 media partners.
ABC will emphasize on the news of ASEAN, we will report and commend on both local and ASEAN news. First half of the program 8am to 9am will be news comment and the second half 9am to 10 am we will have topic discussion. DurianASEAN will have news exchange with 10 ASEAN countries that means ABC will also be broadcast in the radio of the 10 countries. As a result the people in ASEAN region will have better understanding of Malaysia.
DurianASEAN will collaboratewith our strategic partner HELP University to produce another program “HELP on the way”. This program will emphasize on life style, education and encouragement, society and humanity, psychology, entertainment and sports. This program will provide nutritious and positive power to the young people, guiding and nurturing a healthy generation to face their study and future work place. There will be student actively participate in hosting and production of the program, it will be an effective platform for the interaction of ASEAN students.
Listener can tune in to DurianASEAN via durianasean.com. You can also listen with your smartphone with the app TUNEIN downloaded to your phone. You can tune in to DurianASEAN anywhere in the world as long as there is internet. For more information please log on to durianasean.com website.
Our thanks to your presence, thank you for the report and coverage. Let’s give our share of support to the rising and wellbeing of ASEAN.
Welcome speechby DurianASEAN founder Jamaluddin Ibrahim
To officiate DurianASEAN by Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah, the CEO of Global Movement of Moderates
Distinguished guest present today:
YB Nurul Izzah Anwar (PKR vice-president MP for Lembah Pantai)
Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai (Vice President PGRM)
Datuk Heng Sai Kee (Wanita MCA chief)
YB Tony Pua Kiam Wee (DAP National Publicity Secretary & MP for Petaling Jaya Utara)
Dr Mohd Hatta (PAS Central Committee Member and MP Kuala Krai)
Mr Gan Ping Sieu (Former Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports)
Fahmi Fadzil ( KEADILAN Communications Director)

DurianASEAN collaborativemedia partners:
The Malay Mail & Malay Mail Online
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Program supported by:
HELP University

For further information please contact us at : +60378650057
jamal@durianfm.com; info@durianasean.com; 'kim@durianfm.com'



3月8日是榴莲网络电台成立3周年纪念日,我们围绕这特别的日子推出姐妹台DurianASEAN 。DurianASEAN是一个英文网络电台,关注发生在东盟国家特别是在政治、商业及社会方面的新闻与时事,报道分析讨论新闻事件对整个东盟区域以及人们日常生活的影响和冲击。
除此之外,DurianASEAN 也将扮演东盟国家新闻信息中心的角色,她不仅是听众了解东盟国家的窗口,也是东盟各国与世界其他国家友好往来及商务活动的媒介与桥梁,让全球各地如东亚、西亚、欧美、太平洋地区、甚至拉丁美洲的商人和投资者,对整个东盟区域的政经及社会状况有更全面和深入的了解,实现文化与教育领域的互换与交流,同时也吸引世界各地的游客前往东盟观光旅游。
DurianASEAN的正式播出是在3月8日(星期六),3月10日(星期一)第一期的核心节目ABC(ASEAN Breakfast Call)将正式与听众在网络中见面。ABC节目时间是每周星期一至星期五,早上8点至10点。星期一至星期五,每天的节目都将与我们的媒体伙伴协作制作。
DurianASEAN也将与我们的策略合作伙伴精英大学合作制作另一档节目HELP on the Way。这个节目将侧重在生活方式、教育与激励、社会与人文、心理建设、以及娱乐和体育等等。这类节目协助年轻一代吸取有营养的、正面的能量,引导他们以积极和健康的心态面对学业和未来职场的挑战。这个节目也将有在校学生参与制作和主持,并使其成为东盟各国学生交流的有效平台。DurianASEAN将通过东盟媒体的合作让学生的声音进入各国校园。
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The Malay Mail & Malay Mail Online
Free Malaysia Today
The Ant Daily
SME Magazine

Think seriously before you vote

FMT LETTER: From Robert Phang, via e-mail
I must reiterate that I’m non-partisan and only interested in the best for all our people and the nation. The Kajang by-election has drawn in three contestants: Anwar Ibrahim (PKR), Zaid Ibrahim (Independent) and Chew Mei Fun (BN).
Please take note this is a by-election and not a parliamentary election. As such, the consideration for the contestants’ background, commitment and problems will defer tremendously for the voters to digest. Undoubtedly it is going to be a straight fight between Anwar and Chew.
It is a fact that the Kajang by-election is an unnecessary waste of public funds. The election is being forced on the Kajang electorate to enable Anwar’s intention to settle the rift between Azmin Ali and Khalid Ibrahim.
This is solely a PKR party problem. For a man who had set his sights on the highest elected office in the land, even the prospect of becoming the Selangor Menteri Besar must seem like small change. Anwar for all his grandstanding is now eating a humble pie.
With Anwar’s participation in this by-election, if he wins, it will undoubtedly create crises/problems. There is bound to be further disputes among members of PKR and the rift may even become deeper. It is difficult to imagine that Khalid’s faction will go all out to promote Anwar – then upon winning the Kajang by-election replace Khalid.
On the other hand, Khalid’s performance as Menteri Besar seems to be accepted by majority of Selangorians. Why is Anwar aiming to become Menteri Besar? What is the view of the Selangor monarchy? All these crises/problems/uncertainties the Kajang voters need to digest carefully before deciding to vote for Anwar Ibrahim.
Khalid has openly challenged and belittled Anwar and PKR supreme council by signing the water MOU with the Federal government. One has to imagine that Anwar was kept in the dark and now Khalid has said that he will go for the post of deputy in PKR’s forthcoming election.
With all these in the pipeline, honestly, can we believe that Anwar can contribute to Selangorians? The trial of his 2nd sodomy case will surface soon. We do not know what the consequences will be if he is found guilty again.
The verdict of Anwar’s 2nd sodomy case is expected to be n March 6 or 7. It is just very convenient that the nomination day falls on the March 11. If Anwar is found guilty, he is automatically disqualified from the Kajang by-election.
The nation and Kajang voters will not consider Zaid Ibrahim at all as he considered a political frog, chameleon and a ‘kacau daun’ element. He will surely lose his deposit
The scenario is straight forward, Anwar Ibrahim vs Chew Mei Fun will be the key issue to be considered by the voters in Kajang. There are 39,270 registered voters in Kajang, 48% Malay/Bumiputra, 41% Chinese and the balance divided between the Indians and others.
As what has been reported by the DPM, BN promises an offensive mode campaign. By doing so, it hopes to secure 55% Malay/Bumiputra votes. The Chinese are prepared to consider Chew because of her integrity and her proven track record in serving the people plus the fact, she is is bold enough to take on Anwar. The voters will definitely explore what Chew can contribute to Kajang.
It is a fact that MCA has been rejected by Chinese. Chew must work exceptionally hard to convince the voters to seriously give her a chance. If she is elected, she will become a lone voice in the state assembly and serve as a bridge between the Selangor and Federal Government. This is if she wins.
This will be an indication that the Chinese have decided to consider the quality and record of the good lady within MCA. This may even give rise to the fact that only leaders of good quality in MCA can be considered to participate in future elections. This is a real good challenge for Chew.
In view of the above factors, it will be too early to predict that Anwar will win hands down. Chew may create an upset. I feel that the Kajang voters have grown to be wise in this round of the by-election. They should seriously consider voting her. If I were a Kajang voter, I will vote for Chew Mei Fun. Please remember, no one is indispensable except God. No evil is invincible before the eyes of our Rakyat.
The writer is a Justice of Peace