20 Nov 2013

Esscom told to buck up

PETALING JAYA: Social Care Foundation chairman Robert Phang criticized the newly established Eastern Sabah Security Commission (Esscom) following the recent attack on the Taiwanese tourist in Sabah; while issuing a strong advice to the body by urging them to fix the loopholes.

The social activist said the incident has clearly indicate that the security system imposed by the body is not attack proof.

“I know that they are doing their best, however this incident shows that the system is not good enough to prevent such a tragic incident and it has happened again in Sabah.

“Somehow, somewhere is wrong and Esscom must seriously look at the loopholes. Undoubtedly Esscom have weaknesses that needs to be ratified ,” the 75 year-old said.

During the wee hours of Friday morning a group of terrorists believed to be Abu Sayyaf had killed a 57 year old Taiwanese identified as Lim Min Hsu and kidnapped his 58 year old wife An Wei Chang .

After five days of search, the authorities have yet to identify the exact location of the victim and receive any updates from the abductors.

Phang then agreed with a statement made by the Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar yesterday adding that police should not reveal any plans and progress about the case publicly.

Instead, Phang urged the public to discreetly notify the police of any information that they may receive from time to time.

“We are worried about the woman’s safety thus by discussing it openly in the public it may jeopardize police investigation.

“I think the public should inform the police instead. With that there are less speculations flying around the internet, so the chances of the woman to be safe is much higher,” Phang said.

Meanwhile, Phang refuted an English daily news report linking An with Christine Chow Mei-ching, wife of Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou.

He said that An and Christine have no close relationship and that the family is not as rich as reported by the daily.

“I have a strong and the best source to debunk the news report. They have no close relationship and they are a normal Taiwanese family,” Phang said when asked about his claim.

Yesterday Sabah Police Commissioner Hamza Taib said that the state’s security was under control and described the murder cum abduction as an isolated incident.

Hamza claimed that police have sufficient backup from the Marine Police, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, Royal Malaysian Navy, Joint Forces Command 2 and Royal Malaysian Air Force.

Lahad Datu community leaders are also urged to report any illegal or suspicious presence in their area to the security forces.

Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom) director-general Mohammad Mentek said they could report to the nearest police station or contact Esscom’s 24-hour operations room at 089-863181, or fax to 089-863182.

Source :  http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2013/11/19/esscom-told-to-buck-up/

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