13 Mar 2014

Officials making M’sia a laughing stock

The series of press conferences with the local and foreign media on the possible fate of MH370 by the different heads of government authorities is shocking to say the least.

There are lots discrepancies in their statements and it has drawn criticisms on Malaysia’s capability in handling serious issues. These officials are making Malaysia a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

To the Chief Secretary to the Government, Ali Hamsa, can you please make an effort to organise and ensure important engagements with the press are done orderly and professionally.

I suggest that a proper and accurate consolidation of facts from the various heads of authorities before reports are given to the press. IGP Khalid Abu Bakar was the only person who acquitted himself well.

He patiently assured local and foreign media that Malaysia and in particular PDRM are exploring all possible leads to the extent of looking into the psychological factors that may have impacted the crew.

This has again affirmed that the PDRM is taking no chances but to probe all possible avenues. Khalid has demonstrated his organising capabilities and his skill in communicating with the media.

He engaged the journalists professionally during the Q&A session. Transparency has been well established by his example. I hope the various heads of departments can emulate his leadership.

The Chief Secretary to the Government must step in immediately. Do not let the whole world belittle Malaysia.

This is a very sad and depressing situation and officials should refrain from making jokes or unnecessary remarks such as saying the stolen passports holders looking like Balotelli.
The writer is a Justice of Peace

Source :  http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/opinion/2014/03/13/officials-making-msia-a-laughing-stock/

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