7 Mar 2014

Think seriously before you vote

FMT LETTER: From Robert Phang, via e-mail
I must reiterate that I’m non-partisan and only interested in the best for all our people and the nation. The Kajang by-election has drawn in three contestants: Anwar Ibrahim (PKR), Zaid Ibrahim (Independent) and Chew Mei Fun (BN).
Please take note this is a by-election and not a parliamentary election. As such, the consideration for the contestants’ background, commitment and problems will defer tremendously for the voters to digest. Undoubtedly it is going to be a straight fight between Anwar and Chew.
It is a fact that the Kajang by-election is an unnecessary waste of public funds. The election is being forced on the Kajang electorate to enable Anwar’s intention to settle the rift between Azmin Ali and Khalid Ibrahim.
This is solely a PKR party problem. For a man who had set his sights on the highest elected office in the land, even the prospect of becoming the Selangor Menteri Besar must seem like small change. Anwar for all his grandstanding is now eating a humble pie.
With Anwar’s participation in this by-election, if he wins, it will undoubtedly create crises/problems. There is bound to be further disputes among members of PKR and the rift may even become deeper. It is difficult to imagine that Khalid’s faction will go all out to promote Anwar – then upon winning the Kajang by-election replace Khalid.
On the other hand, Khalid’s performance as Menteri Besar seems to be accepted by majority of Selangorians. Why is Anwar aiming to become Menteri Besar? What is the view of the Selangor monarchy? All these crises/problems/uncertainties the Kajang voters need to digest carefully before deciding to vote for Anwar Ibrahim.
Khalid has openly challenged and belittled Anwar and PKR supreme council by signing the water MOU with the Federal government. One has to imagine that Anwar was kept in the dark and now Khalid has said that he will go for the post of deputy in PKR’s forthcoming election.
With all these in the pipeline, honestly, can we believe that Anwar can contribute to Selangorians? The trial of his 2nd sodomy case will surface soon. We do not know what the consequences will be if he is found guilty again.
The verdict of Anwar’s 2nd sodomy case is expected to be n March 6 or 7. It is just very convenient that the nomination day falls on the March 11. If Anwar is found guilty, he is automatically disqualified from the Kajang by-election.
The nation and Kajang voters will not consider Zaid Ibrahim at all as he considered a political frog, chameleon and a ‘kacau daun’ element. He will surely lose his deposit
The scenario is straight forward, Anwar Ibrahim vs Chew Mei Fun will be the key issue to be considered by the voters in Kajang. There are 39,270 registered voters in Kajang, 48% Malay/Bumiputra, 41% Chinese and the balance divided between the Indians and others.
As what has been reported by the DPM, BN promises an offensive mode campaign. By doing so, it hopes to secure 55% Malay/Bumiputra votes. The Chinese are prepared to consider Chew because of her integrity and her proven track record in serving the people plus the fact, she is is bold enough to take on Anwar. The voters will definitely explore what Chew can contribute to Kajang.
It is a fact that MCA has been rejected by Chinese. Chew must work exceptionally hard to convince the voters to seriously give her a chance. If she is elected, she will become a lone voice in the state assembly and serve as a bridge between the Selangor and Federal Government. This is if she wins.
This will be an indication that the Chinese have decided to consider the quality and record of the good lady within MCA. This may even give rise to the fact that only leaders of good quality in MCA can be considered to participate in future elections. This is a real good challenge for Chew.
In view of the above factors, it will be too early to predict that Anwar will win hands down. Chew may create an upset. I feel that the Kajang voters have grown to be wise in this round of the by-election. They should seriously consider voting her. If I were a Kajang voter, I will vote for Chew Mei Fun. Please remember, no one is indispensable except God. No evil is invincible before the eyes of our Rakyat.
The writer is a Justice of Peace

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