1 Dec 2012


Justice of Peace
Chairman – Social Care Foundation

01st December 2012    

1. I refer to the recent statements made by the former IGP, Tan Sri Musa Hassan, at a press conference held on 29th November 2012 by a new so–called Malaysian Crime Watch Group (MyWatch) believed backed by PKR where Musa is the appointed patron.

2. Let me be clear. The timing of the announcement of this new NGO and Musa’s press conference were orchestrated to catch the attention of the current on-going UMNO General Assembly. This was timed with Deepak’s Jaikishan’s press conference against our PM Dato Seri Najib Razak who happens to be Home Minister Hishammuddin’s cousin. In other words, the public an clearly see that this is a two pronged political attack to undermine both the the Home Minister and the Prime Minsiter who are respectively UMNO’s President and Vice President. The boldness of this two pronged attacks must come with backing from within UMNO’s household. I will not touch on the domestic strife within UMNO and let that be an internal party matter for President UMNO to stamp out.

3. The mainstream press and alternative media reported that Musa has amongst others accused politicians especailly Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein of meddling in police affiatrs during his time as IGP. Musa also made allegations that various politicians interfered to protect several criminals whom he arrested in his time. Musa then made wilder allegations that PDRM under present IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar is being infiltrated and controlled by triads and crime syndicates. In short Musa is accusing the police force of losing control of the country to crime mafia and crooked polticians and that Tan Sri Ismail Omar has lost control of the police force. This will certainly spread widespread fear amongst the general public.

4. If Musa is backed by PKR, then I must express my utmost disappointment that PKR appears to be a desperate party. Let me remind PKR that its very existence came about after Dato‘ Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s (DSAI) Black Eye Incident. Has PKR forgotten that Musa and AG Gani Patail tried to fabricate medical reports that DSAI’s injuries were self inflcited wheras then IGP Rahim Nor had punched DSAI in the eye and guiven him a good beating

5. If Musa is backed by PKR, then let me remind PKR that it is the same Musa Hassan and AG Gani Patail that fabricated evidence in Sodomy I. Has PKR forgotten that Musa was the celebrated Mattress Carrier who planted DSAI’s semen on the stained matters? It is the same Musa Hassan who was the investigating officer (IO) who made up stories about the driver Azizan being sodomised in Tivoli Vila and PJ Hilton when the buildng was not even ready? Muaa was the incompetent IO who made so many errors in the investigation papper that the late Judge Augustine Paul had to rule irrelevant to many of the inconsistent evidence before God made Augustine Paul himself irrelevant. Let us pray for the man that his soul obtain redemption.

6. Let me remind that when Musa was IGP, he was again the main actor in the script for Sodomy II. So let PKR be very clear of who this Musa Hassan is. Thus, going into bed with this cunning man and supporting his cause will mean that the leadership of PKR has no principles. I say to PKR- dissociate yourself from this wolf in sheep’s skin. Ask why is he now attacking the goverment as evil whereas he once was its key perpetrator. If PKR keep supporting this evil man, then PKR wil lose support of the public for stooping so low just to undermine the BN government.

7. As for triad links controlling PDRM, let Malaysians not forget that it was during Musa Hassan‘s time as IGP that crime peaked to an all time high; the Along syndicate became a national menace; and the Police morale was at an all time low. Malaysians must not forget that:

a) Musa Hassan was specifically named in an affidavit by one Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku Goh, a two time RR detainee abouty Along and gambling syndciates;

b) Musa Hassan framed six rank and file officers for dsicovering his triad links and Musa’s friend AG Gani Patail charged them in court. They have all been acquitted without their defence being called;

c) Musa conspired with AG Gani Patail and the MACC to falsely charge the Director CCID Dato Rami Yusuff and his lawyer Rosli Dahlan. They have both been acquitted without their defence being called. Judge Supang Lian in Kota Kinabalu called Musa an incredible witness (another way of calling him a Liar) in these words:

“This involves an assessment of the credibility of the witness called by the prosecution. His evidence is unreliable and is to be disregarded and whatever he says in court lends to his discredit. I am in total agreement with the case for the defence that this lack of support of the evidence of PW75 (IGP Musa Hassan) on this point lends to his discredit. In this regard I should mention that PW75 in his evidence gave an interpretation that is contrariwise to the testimonies of PW17, PW19, PW57 and PW73. I found however that the evidence of PW75 on this to be unreliable and to be disregarded.”

d) While Judge Gunalen and Judge Abu Bakar Katar in KL held that there was no basis to investigate or charge either Dato Ramli or lawyer Rosli. This meant that the charges against them were trumped up charges;

e) Why did the KL Judges think so? Because the evidence showed that Musa Hassan had detained a criminal by the name of Moo Sai Chin, a known udnerworld figure involved in murder, prostitution and gambling, and then forced him to create fictitious stories of Dato Ramli if he wants to be released from detention;

f) That is why in lawyer Rosli Dahlan’s current RM 50 million legal suit that is going to trial, the AG Chambers are blocking Rosli from being able to give his witness testimony in court. They are afraid all tehse will spill out in court publicly;

g) I produce to you the SD of Musa’s own ADC who swore that Musa was involved with this character BK Tan in fixing up the PDRM hierarchy. This proves conclusively that Musa is the one having triad links. I know all these because I was the one who arranged for ASP Azizul to meet with fromer IGP Tun Hanif Omar as mentioned in that SD;

h) Thus, Musa is now unhappy that under current IGP Ismail Omar, the triads and syndicates which he used to protect are suffering difficulties. I am told the this new NGO Mywatch is bankrolled by these syndicates. That is why their 1st Press conference can be held in a posh hotel.

8. Since Musa attacked the current crime statistics as being rigged, let me, as one of the members of the National Crime Prevention Foundation say this - when Musa Hassan became IGP in September 2006, Malaysia’s Index Crime rate stood at 157,365. Over the next 3 years, Malaysia experienced an increase of crime rate at the CAGR (average) rate of more than 30%. The Home Minister had to step in and crime prevention became a national agenda in the NKRA. Only after Musa Hassan retired as IGP that the situation started to turn around. If truth be told, Tan Sri Ismail Omar, the current IGP has now managed the herculean task to return crime rate to the pre-Musa Hassan‘s time.

9. Thus Musa’s attacks against Ismail Omar is clearly unwarranted and below the belt. The current IGP has managed to clean up the mess left by his predecessor, both in terms of crime rate and in terms of restoring the morale of the police force. What I see before me is that Musa Hassan has failed as a leader when he was the IGP, and currently lacks the humility to comprehend just that.

10. Musa is an ungrateful man. He tries to portray himself as a hero,. He is deluded and tries to delude other people. I am an old man, and I remember history. Musa says that after he clashed with Home Minister Hisham on his powers as IGP, his contract was terminated. That is a lie. The truth is that Musa had his contract extended twice already. He was so cunning that he placed people who can pose no threat to him in the succession line of the PDRM. He appointed Christopher Wan as Director CID just when Christopher was retiring. He then extended Christopher’s servcie on contract. Ask anyone in PDRM and they will tell you that Christopher knows next to nothing about crime work. His whole career was in the Special Branch (SB). Musa wanted him there in order to make use of the CID for his own purpose. That si what his ADC said in the SD above.

11. He made Tan Sri Najib as DIGP just one month before Najib was to retire and then extended Najib’s service by contract. By doing so, Msua managed to ensure that the DIGP will always retire befotre him and cannot succeed him. Thus, Musa can get his own contract extended. Since Musa already had 2 four year contract extensions, Minister Hishammuddin was right in not extending his contract for a third term. That is why Musa was extremely unhappy with Minster Hishhammuddin and has been attacking the Minister ever since. That is how devious and ungrateful Musa Hassan is.

12. Musa Hassan had a mercurial rise to become IGP by fixing people up,. Ask anyone in PDRM and they will tell you that he was the author of poinson pen letters against former IGPs Tan Sri Norian Mai and even Tan Sri Bakri Omar. When he fell out with KDN (according to ADC Azizul's SD), he asked Christopher Wan to create a fictitous blog to make acusations against the Deputy Home Minister Johari Baharom. He is the enemy from within as described by his ADC, ASP Azizul, that Musa is „pengkhianat and pagar yang makan padi“. Read Azizul‘s SD which I attach herewith.

13. Musa has no sense of loyalty to the organisation that has given him his livelihood and his lifetime career – for the organisation who has given provided him the means to bring up his children and to provide for his family. As a rule-of-thumb, I will never trust an individual who bad-mouths his organisation – much less an organisation which he helmed for seevral 4 years. Is he absolving himself fully from any fault of the organisation? Obviously, he has no sense of responsibility to understand that he has a huge impact on the image of the force by making these wild allegations.

14. Therefore, I say to the political leadership – take Musa on like taking a bull by its horn. Since Musa says there is triad interference in PDRM, therefore investigate all the allegations that had been made against Musa of his own traid links. Investigate Dato Ramli‘s allegtaions that Musa framed him. Investigate Dato Mat Zin’s allegations that Musa conspired with AG Gani Patail to fabricate evidence. Investigate Musa’s links with Tengku Goh and BK Tan. Investigate SP Azizul‘s allegations. Form a Royal Commission and hold all this two face lying fraudster accountable for his allegations and let him hang as Pengkhianat Bangsa!


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Anonymous said...

If the top leaders of the nation law enforcement and policy makers fight each other and locked horns, the grass roots suffered underneath their boots.

Let the court decide this. No more talking. The water is boiling enough to cook now.