14 Jun 2013

Detainees to be treated as 'innocent until proven guilty'

Bukit Aman has said it will endeavour to ensure that all its officers treat all detainees as innocent until proven guilty.

"We care about the welfare of all, including the prisoners in our custody. They are innocent until proven guilty," said National Key Result Area (NKRA) director Ayob Yaakob.

NONESpeaking after attending the Selangor NKRA briefing at the state police headquarters today, the commissioner said that this principle must be practised by all police officers.

However, Ayob (right) noted that officers must be given proper training to build their knowledge and confidence levels before they can be truly professional, as well as being provided the proper facilities and amenities to do their job effectively.

"We in Bukit Aman will act as facilitators in this and provide them all that is needed. It is unfair for us to issue orders, yet not give them the resources to implement them."

He said that feedback on deficiencies in the work of the police, such problems in the lock-ups, "are painful to hear", but must be addressed to regain the people's trust.

'The rakyat still has faith in us'

"It is good that they complain, as this shows they still have faith in the police and want to see us improve and be the force that they truly trust."

As such, Ayob urged all police officers to adhere to existing standard operating procedures, help the higher-ups to improve them for the betterment of the force as a service delivery outfit, and to restore public faith in the police.

He also said analyses and studies were being done on weaknesses in the current lock-up system as well as in other areas.

On another note, Ayob announced that international consultancy firm Frost & Sullivans has been contracted to study how members pf the public feel about the men and women in blue.

"We want to measure public perception of the police force and how safe they feel (under our watch).”

He explained that the study would be carried out in two phases.

The first is a six-month initial study, the results of which will be used to formulate a plan to address any shortcomings identified.

The second would be an ongoing assessment of public perception and feedback, in that a time frame would be set and extended as needed.

The results of the study, Ayob said, would be the yardstick for the force to plan reforms and new initiatives.

Allocations for the exercise would be taken from special allotments reserved for NKRA implementation, he added.

Source :  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/232945

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