24 Jun 2013

Why the big fuss over the indelible ink?

Of late, the Election Commission has come under fire regarding the usage of the indelible ink in the recent general election. Reason being so, the ink was supposedly to remain on the voter’s finger for a few days after it was applied. This ink was applied on the voter’s finger before the voter was allowed to cast their vote.

Everyone can remember, as on the election day, we all walked into the hall, produced our national registration card to the election officer to be verified against the electoral roll. The electoral officer will announce the name and national registration card number loudly. Only then was the indelible ink applied to the voter’s forefinger. Subsequently the ballot paper was given to the voter to cast their vote. This is a straight forward exercise of this election process.

I have watched and read from the newspapers, media portals and viewed it on the television, articles highlighting that the said ink is washable and as a result, the Election Commission was asked to explain upon which the Election Commission chairman and deputy chairman has explained every time on the procedure.

The absolute objective of using this indelible ink is to prevent voters from casting their votes for the 2nd time. This is the sole objective for the usage of this indelible ink. I share my experience of washing this ink after usage, and it took me two (2) days to remove the ink stain. However, some other voters differ and claim that the indelible ink can be washed off straight away.

This issue has been highly politicised and it has caused many of us to question, why? Of course there may be other reasons why this indelible ink can be removed so fast by others and that will definitely need a special team to investigate this matter.

Subsequently, the Election Commission chairman Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof has explained and affirmed to the fact that the most regrettable thing in his life was the failure of the indelible ink to perform. He went on to say that it was the Almighty’s intervention.

Abdul Aziz has appeared in press interviews and on television, and painstakingly made numerous efforts to explain the nature of this voting ink, and he has formed a special team to investigate into this ink fiasco. The writer ponders what other explanations do we expect to get from him.

What is important is if all the political parties have already filed their petitions concerning the fault, fraud or irregularities in the recent GE13, it will be channeled to the courts to determine, for any fault, fraud or irregularities was committed. This is the best rationale that we, the rakyat can rely on.

I appeal to all to stop this big fuss on this issue. We are matured people and we should be fair to the situation and await outcome of the court. So Abdul Aziz and his team should not resign but stay put, more so to explain and furnish answers if they are called upon by the court. -

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