18 Feb 2014

BN should avoid contesting in Kajang | Free Malaysia Today

Najib and his Umno election team messed up and destroyed BN’s chances of winning Selangor in GE13.

They screwed up the allocation of seats nationwide to his BN partners, the MCA, MIC and Gerakan.

In Selangor in particular, Najib andhis political bigwigs made the greatest damage to BN by giving away 12 of the 22 Parliamentary seats to MCA and MIC,leaving the remaining 10 to Umno.

The Chinese and Indian politicians and their members, despite being offered everything by Najib that they asked for could not deliver.

As such, the state seats within Selangor became a foregone conclusion. MCA and MIC should be
asked to wake up.

It is astonishing to learn that the Kajang by-election was a result Lee Chin Cheh’s resignation after having won the seat  for just eight (8) months. His move paved the way for Anwar Ibrahim to contest there.

Everyone knows that Anwar is a national level leader and his ultimate goal is Putrajaya. Hence, it is rather confusing that he has decided take part in this by-election.

Much has been said that if he wins, he is going to aim for the post of MB of Selangor.

This scenario has made a mockery of the election process. I am given to understand that PAS has agreed to support him as a candidate but certainly not as MB of Selangor.

DAP likewise is supportive of him but is DAP is supportive of him as MB?

Its no secret that there is a rift between Azmin Ali and Khalid Ibrahim. If Anwar becomes MB, it is for the purpose of stabilising PKR’s internal struggle.

It makes a mockery of and insults Kajang voters. This by-election should not be encouraged just to stabilise the party’s internal power struggle.

It is common knowledge that Khalid for his term as MB, has not signed the resignation letter as required. Khalid’s supporters have maintained that he should not resign as MB.

The rakyat ponders what is the view of Selangor’s monarchy on this matter?

In Kajang, you have 41% Chinese voters, 48% Malay voters and the balance 11% is a mixture of difference races.

MCA cannot be sure of the Chinese voters. Thus far, the heavyweights of MCA have not even come forward to offer themselves to fight Anwar.

Even Wee Ka Siong, who claims to have solid support of the Chinese, remains silent. How is MCA to get the Chinese votes if it dares not lead by example.

This is an acid test for MCA’s top leaders to seize the opportunity to prove that they are wanted in the by-election.

MCA should follow the example of its former president Lee San Choon who contested in Seremban against the then DAP chairman, Dr Chen Man Hing and won in Negeri Sembilan. Similarly, Lim Kit Siang of DAP challenged the ex MB of  Johor and won the seat of Gelang Patah.

Both of them demonstrated far-sightedness and their convictions in order to lead a party.

Where are the MCA’s national leaders? Please do not send a 3rd or 4th ranking leader to take part in the by-election. The Malay voters will be a split in Kajang.

It will be a difficult decision for BN to take part in the by-election. It will be a waste of public funds created unnecessarily by Anwar.

I strongly suggest that BN not take part as it will serve no purpose if it wina. BN is a minority in the Selangor government.

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