20 Jun 2014

Robert Phang calls for restructuring of Esscom

KUALA LUMPUR, June 20 — Social care foundation chairman Tan Sri Robert Phang has called for the restructuring of the Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom).

He questioned the purpose of Esscom’s establishment, asking if it was merely for political mileage than having an actual function.

“Esscom director-general Datuk Mohammad Mentek was not seconded from the police or the military. He does not have the actual personnel or troops under his command,” he said.

“I appeal to the government to seriously look into the actual structure of Esscom to avoid it being called a ‘lame duck’ and to always report incidents with transparency.”

Phang said that during his recent visit to Sabah, many residents had approached him and voiced their concerns over personal safety because they felt they had no support from the authorities.

“They are worried about their safety, yet nothing is being done about it. You can see it in their faces,” he said.

“They want to form a ‘vigilante corps’, but require the guidance and support from the authorities, including the state assemblymen.”

He suggested that a new registry system be implemented for Sabah to distinguish foreigners from the local people.
“The government must come up with a new system, no matter how tedious it is, to ensure locals are protected from these pirates,” he said.

“Engage them head on by eliminating them from within our borders.”

Phang also commented the lack of transparency over the ransom paid for the hostages’ release.

“Simple logic augurs that if no ransom is paid, there will be no release of hostages. So why say there was no ransom paid when the kidnap victims have said there was?” he asked.

On April 2, Chinese tourist Gao Hua Yuan, 29, and Filipino resort employee Marcy Dayawabn, 40, were abducted from Singamata resort by seven gunmen before being released on May 30.

On May 6, fish farm manager Yang Zai Lin, 34, was abducted by five gunmen from Pulau Baik, Lahad Datu. His whereabouts remain unknown.

Chan Sai Chiun, 32, and Mazlan, 20, were also abducted from a fish farm at Kampung Sapang, Kunak on June 16.

Source :  http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/robert-phang-calls-for-restructuring-of-esscom

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