16 Dec 2014

Rosmah: Warm and soft approach works with husbands

KUALA LUMPUR: Rosmah Mansor, wife of Prime Minister Najib Razak, offered some sound advice to women in the audience when she told them to use their “secret weapons” on their husbands as it was the best way to ensure a harmonious marriage.

“We have our secret weapons, use it as best as you can for the harmony of your home.

“If husbands still don’t listen then it’s time to talk business!”, she said to an amused crowd.

Rosmah was speaking at the official launch of Wanita MCA’s Legal Advisory and Women’s Aid centre (LAWA), a suggestion of hers in March that was taken up by Wanita MCA.

During her speech, Rosmah also advised women to use a warm and soft approach when an argument arose with their other half.

She said, ”Try the soft approach first, use the powers of persuasion before coming to rash decisions.

“The first step is not to break up but to make up. If husbands don’t listen still then it’s business!”

She also said standing by their husbands was important and that she did it too in her capacity as wife to the prime minister.

“I am sure men are not so boisterous, be with them when they need you – like I do.”

Rosmah also advocated the practice of give and take, telling the wives present not to argue unnecessarily with their husbands when they were tired and not to ask too many questions or request for too many gifts.

She said, ”Don’t ask I want this and that all the time. Men really don’t like that! If he wants to buy you a gift, it’s his wish. Don’t force him!”

After her speech, Rosmah was overcome with emotion and reduced to tears when a surprise birthday cake was wheeled out for her in honour of her birthday six days ago.

The cake was presented by Wanita MCA while Deputy Minister of Women, Family And Community Development Heng Seai Kie and many others showered her with bouquets of flowers and well wishes.

Social Care Foundation chairman Robert Phang who was present at the event, donated RM50,000 to the centre.

LAWA is the first ever centre of its kind to give legal aid for abused women in Malaysia and was initiated following the rising cases of abuse according to PDRM’s latest statistics.

Source :http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2014/12/16/rosmah-use-your-secrets-weapons-on-your-husbands/

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