18 Jun 2015

Nazri’s ‘hooligan-style’ remark to TMJ uncalled for

PETALING JAYA: The “hooligan-style” response by Nazri Aziz to Tunku Mahkota of Johor recently has disturbed and bewildered the chairman of the Social Care Foundation, who has called on the minister to repent and apologise immediately for it.
In a statement today, Robert Phang, who is also the Justice of the Peace, said that Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim was merely issuing a gentle reminder about the government having to be responsible to the people and that Nazri’s remark was totally uncalled for.
“It is very clear HRH Brigadier General Tunku Ismail has merely spoken out of concern for the Rakyat,” Phang said, adding that the reply the minister of tourism and culture gave was both “uncivilised and insolent”.
“Enough is enough. As an elected MP (Padang Rengas), I pray to God that Nazri wakes up and has the guts to sincerely apologise to HRH Brigadier General Tunku Ismail.”
Phang also took issue with Nazri’s use of the word “whack” in his reply to Tunku Ismail and said, “I am bewildered by your (Nazri) explanation that the word ‘whack’ was used to protect the monarchy … you are a seasoned politician and a lawyer.
“You could have used a better term or statement, more so against the monarchy. Our Malaysian culture does not allow for such an insolent statement.”
He also told Nazri to “wake up” and “repent” for the harsh statement to prove he was a civilised and cultured elected leader, and added that his harsh words were giving a bad example to the younger generation.
He also heaped praises on Tunku Ismail for defending his right to comment on national issues and for looking out for the people, adding “For this, my humble salutations to you”.
On June 5, Tunku Ismail posted a Facebook message ridiculing Prime Minister Najib Razak on his non-appearance at the Nothing2Hide forum saying that was the reason why the people no longer had trust and confidence in him.
Nazri retaliated by telling the Tunku Ismail to stay out of politics, failing which he would be subject to the same rule and be “whacked”.

Source : http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2015/06/18/nazris-hooligan-style-remark-to-tmj-uncalled-for/

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