4 Jan 2017

Golf, mistresses markers for graft in civil service, says MACC

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has outlined several markers for graft involving civil servants.
According to MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Azam Baki, the characteristics of such civil servants included leading a luxurious lifestyle, playing golf as well as having girlfriends and mistresses.
In an interview with the commission's online radio MACC.fm this morning, he said the markers were identified based on their probes on civil servants.
On Sunday, MACC chief commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad had advised civil servants, especially those in top management, to cease playing golf overseas.
"Perhaps you do not agree with the statement made by the chief commissioner and myself," said Azam, who reiterated the caution against overseas golf trips.
"But these were among the indicators that showed they (civil servants) were corrupt and abused their power. We obtained a lot of information involving high-ranking officers and senior officers playing golf abroad.
"I, too, play golf. There is nothing wrong with the game," he added.
However, Azam said golf is not as common in Malaysia as other countries, and is mainly played by prominent people and high-ranking officials.
"But (we noticed) that the (entire) entourage plays (golf) abroad (with) contractors, suppliers and others. Not only one (civil servant) goes, but the whole office goes," he said.
Besides civil servants at the federal level, he said, those at the state level, including employees of district and land offices as well as municipal councils played golf overseas.
He called on these civil servants to stop tarnishing the image of public service in Malaysia.
Azam, who was appointed as deputy chief commissioner on Oct 4 last year replacing Shukri Abdull, said MACC's investigation and intelligence operations would focus on eliminating corruption in the public sector, government-linked companies (GLCs) and financial institutions.
"Corruption in the public sector is still a serious issue that needs to be resolved," he said.
"In 2017 and the years to follow, we will focus on procurement and enforcement. These are the two areas with a higher tendency for graft," he added.
Azam also revealed that MACC had received complaints about being overlooked for promotion and poor office management.
He added that one complainant turned to MACC when the syariah court refused to declare her as a divorcee.

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