4 Jan 2017

Top MACC man opts for early retirement, allegedly frustrated over SRC case

A Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) investigator who played a pivotal role in the SRC International probe has opted for early retirement.
Bahri Mohd Zin, 58, who was director of MACC’s Special Operations Division retired last Friday, two years ahead of his official retirement. He had served in the MACC as well as its precursor, the Anti-Corruption Agency, for over 30 years.
The special division he headed was formed in 2010 to investigate high-profile cases, especially those involving corruption of more than RM1 million.
SRC, which was previously a subsidiary of 1MDB and now under the Finance Ministry, came under the spotlight after RM42 million of its money was found in Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's personal bank account. Najib also helms the Finance Ministry.
While MACC’s 1MDB investigations were complex and involved many overseas jurisdictions - with the attorney-general refusing to issue a mutual legal assistance to the commission to work with foreign investigators - the SRC case was clear-cut as it involved mostly local entities.
The SRC money was deposited into Najib's accounts in two transactions - on Dec 26, 2014 and Feb 10, 2015 - after being routed through two companies, Gandingan Mentari Sdn Bhd and Ihsan Perdana Sdn Bhd.
Najib has reportedly claimed to be unaware about the money from SRC.
It is understood that Bahri opted for early retirement as he was particularly frustrated with the way the SRC investigations turned out.
Sources told Malaysiakini that a farewell party was held last month for Bahri and a number of other MACC staff who had retired were present, but he chose not to attend.
“He was dejected with what had happened to the case as similar cases like this had seen a court conviction in the past,” said a source close to the former director.
Bahri could not be contacted for comment. It is not immediately known who would replace him.
His retirement came after MACC former chief commissioner Abu Kassim Mohamed discontinued service as per his request, and his deputy Mohd Shukri Abdull retired last year. Abu Kassim would continue to serve as an anti-corruption service officer until his mandatory retirement on Dec 6, 2020.
Livid over police ‘harassment’
When the police investigated MACC two years ago and detained three of its investigators over purported leaks on the 1MDB investigations, Bahri was livid.
“I will find the perpetrators who are ordering the arrests. By God, I will find the perpetrators till kingdom come,” he had said when his officers were picked up by the police, and seized MACC’s equipment and documents.
Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar had then denied they were interfering with the MACC probe into 1MDB.
Bahri's outburst has resulted in him being transferred to the Prime Minister's Department along with then MACC communications director Rohaizad Yaakob. However, both were reinstated after a public outcry.
Following this, the MACC continued with its probe on SRC and submitted its recommendation early last year.
Attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali later cleared the prime minister on both the RM2.6 billion, which was described as a donation, and the SRC cases.
Malaysiakini reported last week that the Special Operations Division had been allegedly downsized and that six of its officers who were involved in the SRC probe were transferred out of the division.
Among those transferred was Bahri's deputy, Tan Kang Sai, thus leaving the special investigation unit without two of its top officials.

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