23 Sep 2015

Are dissenting voices in Umno stupid too, MCA Youth raps Nazri

Umno supreme council member Nazri Abdul Aziz's unflattering description of Pasir Gudang MCA Youth wing for cutting ties with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has ruffled feathers.
MCA Youth secretary-general Leong Kim Soon is wondering if the tourism and culture minister would label dissenting Umno branches and divisions as "stupid" as well.
"He should learn that the grassroots are the front-liners.
"The purpose of them making statements openly is to reflect the voices of the people. As such, even MCA's central leaders must listen carefully as it contains the people's opinions.
"Umno is no different. Some of its divisions and branches have also expressed dissenting views against its leadership before.
"Does Nazri also think that they are equally 'stupid'?" Leong asked in a media statement.
Leong said Nazri could differ in his opinion, but it was regrettable that the minister chose to humiliate the MCA Youth wing.
"As a senior politician, Nazri should be inclusive enough in accepting differing voices and not resort to such high profile suppression," he added.
Leong reiterated that MCA has its own mechanism to deal with the matter, irrespective of whether the Pasir Gudang MCA Youth wing's stand was proper or otherwise.
"We do not need Umno Youth nor the Umno leadership to interfere, let alone to even suggest that the Pasir Gudang MCA Youth breaks away from MCA.
"Nazri and some Umno leaders must not stand on a pedestal to deal with other BN parties and the people at large - such 'stupid' actions should be avoided," Leong added.
The Pasir Gudang MCA Youth chose to sever its relationship with Najib after the prime minister expressed support for the Sept 16 rally.
Following this, a raft of Umno leaders, including Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, condemned the MCA wing.

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