17 Sep 2015

MACC wants justice for Morais' gruesome murder

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has urged police to bring to justice to those responsible for the gruesome murder of deputy public prosecutor Kevin Anthony Morais.
Morais' body was discovered by police this morning in an oil barrel filled with concrete in Subang Jaya today.
"MACC thanks police for solving the disappearance of Kevin Morais.
"At the same time, the MACC hopes that those who acted cruelly and in an inhumane manner would be brought to justice," it said in a statement today.
Morais was seconded to the MACC for 10 years to assist in corruption cases and was returned to the Attorney-General's Chambers this year.
The MACC also conveyed its condolences to Morais' family.
"The MACC community sympathises with what happened to Morais who had served with dedication and distinction at the MACC for 10 years before he returned to the Attorney-General's Chambers in July 2014 and hopes that his family will stay strong.
"The lost of Morais is a big lost to the country's legal institution," it said.
Former inspector-general of police Musa Hassan also took to twitter in praising Morais.
"In memory of Kevin Morais: In carrying out your duty, you were scorned, demonised, never a word of praise.
"You stood fast and tall, my respect to you," he said.

Source : https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/312508#ixzz3lxqMjvr3

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