20 Dec 2010

GE13 in Q2 next year or later, says Shahrir

Contrary to the opposition's prediction, the next general election will not be in March, said Johor Bahru member of parliament Shahrir Samad.He predicted the general election may be held during the second quarter of next year or even much later.Shahrir believed that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak still wanted to produce more results from all the policies he had introduced since taking the helm on April 3 last year.

"Thus, it (election) will not be held so soon, maybe it will be held in the later part of 2011 or even beyond that," he told pressmen after launching a health awareness programme held in Kampung Sulaiman Menteri in Johor Bahru today.The seasoned politician said Pakatan Rakyat or opposition pact should focus on serving the people instead of being too obsessed with the general election.

Shahrir, who is also Johor Bahru Umno division chief, said so far the opposition was more interested in the election.On the recent uproar by the opposition MPs in Parliament over the suspension of four of their representatives, Shahrir said it was obvious the incident was premeditated."I feel Pakatan MPs knew the regulations in Parliament but they chose to ignore that for petty political gain," he said, while describing it as a tactic to confuse the masses.
On the upcoming Tenang by-election, Shahrir said the BN election machinery should explain issues thoroughly while working towards retaining the people's confidence in the coalition.
He said it was premature to predict the outcome of the by-election but Barisan machinery should work hard to ensure victory.
- Bernama

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