17 Jul 2013

Are you a “SHOE SHINE BOY” ?

Haw Chin Teck - Johor MCA Youth Chairman

I am a senior citizen and have seen many politicians come & go. Some were really devoted & productive – but there were also opportunists, hoping to become politician, MP’s /Aduns with their personal agenda. Even now there are still many plentiful within MCA.

What is important one needs to be far sighted, up right without personal agenda and prepare to speak an uphold justice without fear and favor.

In politics, unfortunately you are bound to have many.“Shoe Shine Boys”. Some speak because of given instructions by their bosses (Hopeless Type) – I do not know where do you belong?

Only for the sake of speaking then you are totally a useless chap. My advice to all young people, speaks only on need to. Otherwise keep your mouth “SHUT”. For sure nobody will say you are a DUMB & useless chap.

The MCA political landscape has changed. Chinese communities are no longer fools. We now OPEN our ears & eyes. What has been said by me recently is just a simple TEST but all of you are already RESTLESS.

How to win the Chinese back to support MCA. ???

You need to get your facts right before you write any article,otherwise you will appear like a fool or perceived by others as a typical " SHOE SHINE BOY"

God Bless You.

Get your claws off Ka Siong - MCA tells 'busybody' Robert Phang

Social Care Foundation chairman Tan Sri Robert Phang is a seasoned veteran who always pokes his head into MCA’s affairs and insults our leaders. We deeply question whether he has any ulterior motives in doing so, and we strongly urge him to stop trying to disrupt MCA’s party elections as his behavior has disgusted us.

Without any prior provocation, Robert had suddenly decided to criticize our national Youth chairman, Datuk Dr Ir Wee Ka Siong. This is puzzling and as such, we request that Robert explain to the public whether or not he is pursuing his own political agenda behind the scenes.

On 21 June 2013, the Sultan of Johor himself had declared that he wanted the Chinese community to be represented in the state executive council, and this was done to reflect His Royal Highness’ wishes.

 However, Robert had acted on rumours by accusing Ka Siong of disrespecting the Sultan. There is a strong political motive behind this move, and Robert’s attempt to disassociate himself from this issue proves that he is trying to hide something.

MCA’s election is done according to the process of democracy, especially since our terrible loss at the 13th General Elections Nevertheless, this does not mean that MCA has given up. Our coming elections will provide us with an objective to attain.

 Despite our setbacks, MCA still holds on to its dignity and all its members will work towards protecting this.

Haw Chin Teck
Johor MCA Youth Chairman

Source : http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=129752:get-your-claws-off-ka-siong-mca-tells-busybody-robert-phang&Itemid=2#itemCommentsAnchor

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