1 Jul 2013

Najib can bring Malaysians together

MELBOURNE: A leading Malaysian social commentator said Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has the “stature and authority” to bring all communities together after the recent general election.

“He is very sincere when he says `I want to rule for all Malaysians. This is very encouraging,” Robert Phang, the founder and chairman of Social Care Foundation, told Bernama, here.

“Najib is the best person to get to the root cause of the political malaise, especially among the Chinese, he said, adding that a post-mortem should be conducted to ascertain reasons why MCA and other BN Chinese component parties were rejected by its own community.

“They have failed to connect with their constituents and this is a disaster. There is no Chinese representation in Cabinet. This is very disappointing. So something has to be done,” he said. Phang was here to address the Victorian Chinese Chamber of Commerce at the weekend.

“Najib has demonstrated very convincingly that he would like to continue working on plans and programmes for the betterment of Malaysians. “But he needs to win the support and confidence of the Chinese and Indians. This I am sure he will achieve,” he added.

“Because of his family heritage, British training, open mindness and being very receptive to suggestions I feel confident Najib is the man of our times who can unite the nation.

“Najib has many times said `change, or be changed’. He understands the seriousness of the situation and we can expect reforms within Umno and BN.

“Despite his detractors, the prime minister was given a resounding mandate at the election and he can move forward with confidence and with authority.”

 Phang said although it was vital to have a strong opposition to provide checks and balances, “they must be constructive and effective, not just shouting slogans and marching down the streets”.

 He said rallies mooted by Anwar Ibrahim are unproductive, destructive and deceptive and would drive foreign investment away. “Malaysia is a beautiful country. I want to see it grow and prosper,” Phang said. -

Source : http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2013/06/30/najib-can-bring-malaysians-together/#sthash.Limn0vSF.dpuf

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