16 Jul 2013

Phang Wants Wee To Apologise To Sultan

KUALA LUMPUR: Social Care Foundation chairman Tan Sri Robert Phang today slammed MCA Youth chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong over his disrespectful remarks against Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.

Speaking to the media in Ampang, Phang said that Wee in an interview with China Press yesterday had repeatedly reiterated what he had said before on the appointment of MCA’s Tee Siew Kiong as a member of the Johor state executive council.

On May 21, Wee had said that MCA members who were clinging on or want to take any government posts should be sacked, including Tee who was appointment as Johor exco member based on a request made by the Johor ruler.

MCA had previously agreed to sit out of all government posts in the event it did miserably in the 13th general election. Following its dismal performance, the party stood by its decision but Tee agreed to become a state exco meber following the request of the sultan.

Tee has been suspended from the party for taking the state position, while Wee had said that he was informed that the sultan had only wanted a Chinese representative in the state exco, and not necessarily Tee.

However, on July 1, the sultan, through his private secretary, urged all quarters, including MCA, to respect the decision made on Tee’s appointment. Sultan Ibrahim added that it was inappropriate to continue to question the power of the sultan as the state ruler.

“The sultan has came out with a statement. Why Wee is still talking about this matter? I view this as a clear and serious act of disrespect and it appears that he has misled the public. His actions is outrageous and deceptive,” said Phang today.

Phang then urged Wee to apologise publicly to the sultan over his action and advised Wee not to drag the royal institution over this issue again.

“I want him to apologise. That’s all. He has committed a criminal offence of sedition under the Sedition Act and criminal defamation under Section 500 of the Penal Code. As a Malaysian, he should apologise to the sultan,” Phang said.

Phang also requested for the Attorney General and the police to investigate Wee urgently on his disrespectful conduct against Sultan of Johor.

“Swift action is imperative so as to prevent such unacceptable behaviour and to stop others from challenging the privileges and rights of the Raja Raja Melayu,” Phang concurred.

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