2 Jun 2016

Tan Sri Datuk Robert Phang advise:3 items to prioritize

The nation is not short of great ideas. They hire the best brains to advise. I'm sure they know what needs to be done. If I have to list down 3 items to prioritize, I would advise to:
1. Address the procurement process to open tender. I'm confident the Budget can be balanced with open and PROPER tender.
2. Leverage on virtuous talents - there are lots of clever people in Malaysia. Only few are virtuous. There are 3 qualities in looking at talents - integrity, intelligence and energy. Without the first, the last 2 will kill you. Start to have clever politicians.
3. Keep religion out of politics.

Social Care Foundation Chairman
Tan  Sri Datuk  Robert  Phang Miow Sin.J.P.

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